High-performance additive manufactured thermal solutions provider, Conflux Technology, says, ‘If a picture tells a thousand words, holding a Conflux Technology 3D printed heat exchanger in your hand tells many.’ Here are the top comments motorsport engineers say when observing a Conflux additive manufactured heat exchanger:


‘With one look, it’s apparent what is achievable with a Conflux CoreTM. You can see the level of detail and delicate structures capability; the fins, the thin walls, the complex geometries that additive manufacturing is known for.’

Conflux Technology‘s custom-built parameters can get those sought-after thin structures while retaining strength.’Another level of detail achieved is the ability to vary the geometry throughout the fluid domain to adapt to the changing thermo-physical properties of the fluid as it heats up and cools down. This is almost inconceivable with traditional manufacturing techniques. 2. POWDER REMOVAL

‘For those familiar with additive manufacturing and its impressive geometries, you will also be familiar with the challenge of powder removal. The finer the details, the bigger the problem. To overcome this, Conflux has developed proprietary techniques keeping them in pole position while keeping the 3D printed heat exchangers powder-free.’

3. AM HX is HARD

‘Heat exchangers are well recognised as an excellent fit for utilising the benefits that additive manufacturing can provide; improvements in performance, lighter weight, superior control over packaging constraints, etc. Extracting all the value of Conflux Technology AM is a formidable task with a nascent technology like AM. There are many steps to the process; each requires deep specialist knowledge and focused development. Conflux has spent years dedicated to our niche – additive-manufactured heat exchangers.’


Conflux says its mission is ‘To pioneer thermal technology. Delivering performance-enhancing cutting-edge technology requires a group of subject matter experts dedicated to our niche. That dedication arises from a love of technology, engineering and discovery. When someone holds a Conflux Technology heat exchanger, it’s a moment of discovery we get to share in, and we appreciate the validation from our peers.’

If you are curious to learn more about our heat exchanger or interested in a technical deep dive, please get in touch to speak with one of our experts. Or read about our latest configurable product, the Conflux compact cartridge and explore our latest case studies. 

Conflux Technology AM Heat Exchanger

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